Sustainable engineering of georesources

The Carnot label

A Carnot institute is a public research structure that places partnership research, dedicated to businesses and regional authorities, at the heart of its strategy. The Carnot institutes are recognized for:
    • their cutting-edge scientific expertise,
    • their professionalism and commitment to developing high-quality partnership research.

In this sense, they take a proactive approach to promoting innovation in businesses – Very Small Businesses, Small to Medium Enterprises, middle market companies and major groups – by proposing R&D support that takes into account the economic and marketing constraints of these companies. 

Each Carnot institute is strongly committed to developing R&D activities tailored to businesses. In return, they receive financial support from the ANR (French national research agency), calculated on the volume of their partnership activities, to help them perform the actions they consider essential for meeting these commitments.

The Carnot institutes are certified by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research with audits scheduled every three years.

The Carnot institute network is spearheaded by the Carnot Institute association (AiCarnot).

For more information, go to the Carnot institute website. 


Intellectual Property Charter

The Carnot Charter