Sustainable engineering of georesources


ISIFoR is a network of partners located in the Greater South West of France (Anglet, Pau, Toulouse, Bordeaux). Its 11 research units include nearly 500 researchers and research professors and 250 PhD and post-doctoral students whose competencies cover geosciences, mathematics, chemistry, engineering sciences and social sciences:

GEOSCIENCES: reservoir characterization, monitoring, high performance scientific computing, basin analysis, seismic and seismotectonic imaging, thermochronology, gravimetry, fluids interactions-boulders, experimental geochemistry. 

ENGINEERING SCIENCES: physical chemistry of oil fluids and interfaces, fluid mechanics, multiphase flow, geomechanics, fracturing processes, enhanced recovery, heavy crude oil, acid gas, wastewater treatment, heat transfer, high voltage method, CO2 sequestration, safety procedures and organization of production.

MATHEMATICS:  numerical simulation, functioning safety, statistical analysis and data analysis by imaging, modelling and mathematical analysis, porous media.

CHEMISTRY: analysis, characterization and dating, microbial oil degradation, surfactant and polymers for enhanced recovery process (solubilisation-emulsification), experimental geochemistry.

SOCIAL SCIENCES: environmental impacts of human activities. Contamination of natural habitats, social and political dynamics, human health hazard.

Since it was accredited, ISIFoR has also created a valuable partnership with the POLE AVENIA, also based in Pau. To confirm their commitment, ISIFoR and the POLE AVENIA decided to sign a framework agreement. By developing synergies and joint actions such as project initiation workshops, visits of companies and laboratories, the objective is to concretely promote and increase the number of collaborative projects and research projects between ISIFoR and the members of POLE AVENIA, with a particular focus on SMEs and middle-market companies.