Sustainable engineering of georesources

Objectives & Missions

Following the renewal of its accreditation on July 6, 2016, ISIFoR defined three new objectives as priorities:

    • Step up its partnerships with SMEs and middle-market companies, particularly on the energy transition market
    • Develop its activities on an international scale
    • And finally, continuously improve its management processes to shorten the contract negotiation and signing period with companies and monitor the level of satisfaction of its partners.

The objectives of the ISIFoR Carnot institute for 2021 are to:

    • Build up emerging themes in keeping with the scientific policy of the laboratories, structure a technological program in tandem with parent institutions and local authorities, take part in research efforts in keeping with major societal challenges, support competencies to assert its leadership on a national scale with a view to preparing tomorrow's industrial partnerships
    • Steadily increase the volume of partnership research activities with the socioeconomic world over the next five years while remaining consistent with a sustainable and responsible local economic development strategy
    • Ensure it is acknowledged as a model research group in terms of contractual research activity management and professionalism with regard to the socioeconomic world
    • Gain international exposure and increase the attractiveness of the region through scientific excellence.