Sustainable engineering of georesources


The ISIFoR Carnot institute functions as part of a partnership agreement which guarantees both flexibility and responsiveness:

    • An annual grant agreement between the ANR and ISIFoR was signed by the ANR, the ADERA and the parent institutions (UPPA, UT3, UB3, CNRS, INPT, INPB, IRD, CNES)
    • The partners of the ISIFoR Carnot Institute are preparing to sign a partnership agreement regarding the duration of the Carnot quality label.
The decision was made to entrust ADERA with the management of resources related to the specific running of the ISIFoR Carnot institute.  

The ISIFoR Carnot institute has set up an organization that enables it to ensure a sound governance of partnership research actions. The ISIFoR Carnot institute has a strategic orientation and scientific committee (COSS), which is its decision-making body, and a management committee (CoDir). Daily management is ensured by an operational office (BO).